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v988.122015-01-30 at 17:27beliarRipplesstaff
v988.112015-01-29 at 00:38minahRipplescast
v988.102015-01-29 at 00:18nojokerRipplesAdded script writer.
v988.92015-01-28 at 23:50nojokerRipplesAdded voice actor.
v988.82013-01-24 at 06:37veebie29RipplesThe Wkipedia page has been deleted.
v988.72013-01-12 at 01:40warfokiRipplesjust a little formatting
v988.62011-11-16 at 17:26multiRipplesReverse relation update caused by revision v8406.2
v988.52011-11-16 at 17:25multiRipplesReverse relation update caused by revision v8406.1
v988.42011-09-03 at 14:33nojokerRipplesAdded Wikipedia page.
v988.32010-06-18 at 17:48beliarRipplesnew cover and screens for the remix version
v988.22010-02-21 at 20:09beliarRipplesScreens
v988.12008-08-11 at 02:34eternalRipplesInfo from link, as well as the game, which I played.