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v99.452017-09-08 at 05:45varioSuika+1
v99.442017-05-23 at 00:54infernoplexSuikaEdited the description. Also changed the lenght to long, this VN certainly feels like it's in the 30's hours lenght, at least when read on medium
v99.432017-04-13 at 19:27traumatizerSuikastaff
v99.422015-06-09 at 04:08nananaSuikasongs
v99.412015-03-29 at 10:43traumatizerSuikastaff note
v99.402015-02-21 at 16:19silenceSuikastaff
v99.392015-02-19 at 14:12silenceSuikastaff
v99.382015-02-14 at 14:07silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.372015-02-10 at 15:39silenceSuikacomposers
v99.362015-02-10 at 13:33silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.352015-02-07 at 12:45silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.342015-02-04 at 15:44silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.332015-02-04 at 15:33silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.322015-02-04 at 15:25silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.312015-02-03 at 17:10tenteishinshiSuika御影 (企画原案) : 2章 / 4章後半 担当
v99.302015-02-01 at 18:02beliarSuikapointed to alias
v99.292015-02-01 at 15:41silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.282015-02-01 at 14:58silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.272015-02-01 at 14:12silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.262015-02-01 at 13:48silenceSuikaseiyuu
v99.252015-02-01 at 02:54yimwSuikaWriter
v99.242015-01-31 at 04:40eyelessSuikava
v99.232015-01-30 at 14:44silenceSuikaseiyu
v99.222014-06-14 at 09:10multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v5282.11
v99.212014-06-14 at 05:55multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v5282.10
v99.202013-09-27 at 20:20binfujiwaraSuikacover
v99.192013-09-25 at 16:15multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v4848.7
v99.182012-12-30 at 07:03multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v276.7
v99.172012-05-15 at 06:01multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v5282.6
v99.162011-07-09 at 08:58multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v7228.5
v99.152011-03-23 at 23:46fujifruitSuikaFixed
v99.142010-01-05 at 20:46izmosmolnarSuikaencubed
v99.132009-06-06 at 17:13yorhelSuikaSome more screenshots of the Mangagamer release.
v99.122009-04-30 at 18:06ivxxxSuikaMore screenshots added.
v99.112009-04-26 at 11:57unkindSuikaSuika english screenshot added
v99.102008-12-16 at 11:59multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision v406.3
v99.92008-10-22 at 13:47echomateriaSuikaOriginal title added
v99.82008-05-04 at 11:59yorhelSuika
v99.72008-03-23 at 17:56multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision 3289 of v331
v99.62008-03-22 at 13:59multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision 3052 of v408
v99.52008-03-17 at 11:01multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision 2625 of v320
v99.42008-03-17 at 10:23multiSuikaReverse relation update caused by revision 2613 of v319
v99.32008-03-12 at 09:25echomateriaSuika
v99.22008-02-07 at 14:11yorhelSuika
v99.12008-02-07 at 14:11yorhelSuikaSummary from animenfo (link) I'm not sure whether this is the same for the game, though. Image from amazon.