Toki no Kairou


Toki no Kairou
TitleToki no Kairou
Original title時の回廊
DeveloperWhite Cyc
Publishers White Cyc


Main heroine Izumi is an ordinary student. But peaceful daily life starts to crumple with the visit of a boy in school uniform. Brutal murders and signs of supernatural forces pierce the reality.

At the same time the story of girl Saya begins. She is saved from death by a man, so she fulfills missions for him now with the current one being watching after Izumi. She witnesses human sacrifice ritual to resurrect the evil god. She has only five days to find the key point of the ritual and prevent it from happening.

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2005-01-2818+  Toki no Kairou - 18+ EditionNot voicedStory: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x600 2 
2005-01-28All ages  Toki no Kairou - All ages EditionNot voicedStory: No animationsNon-freeCommercial800x600 2 


Character summary

Protagonist Izumi Kyouko
Main character Himuro Saya
Main character Kazama Takuya
Main character Nakamura Miyuki
Side character Izumi Sayoko
Side character Izumi Yuusuke
Side character Mizuki
Side character Mizumaru

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