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Tansaikigou -sec life, monochrome cube

単彩綺劫-sec life, monochrome cube

TitleTansaikigou -sec life, monochrome cube
Original title単彩綺劫-sec life, monochrome cube


Main character's parents get killed on the Christmas night by some red shadow. Eleven years later a wave of mysterious murders occurs at the town. All the witnesses can only say that killer just disappears in the air. Main character already knows by his past memory that the murders are caused by a vampire. He takes a sword and stands on the path of revenge. Mysterious girls join him in this quest.

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2005-08-14All agesTansaikigou -sec life, monochrome cube


  • Vocals
  • monetOP "Omni-RUiNe"
  • Vocals
  • monetOP "Omni-RUiNe"

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