Koisuru Otome ~Shikigami 2008~

恋する式(おとめ)~SHIKIGAMI 2008~

Koisuru Otome ~Shikigami 2008~
TitleKoisuru Otome ~Shikigami 2008~
Original title恋する式(おとめ)~SHIKIGAMI 2008~
DeveloperWhite Cyc
Publishers Black Cyc & White Cyc
Alternative version
Shikigami ~Kikyou no Hana ni Himetaru...


Tsukasa lives a peaceful life. However, he has a totally different personality at night. He is called Shade and fights against monsters from Hizumi (strain). But one day, his life turns around. He meets his old friend for the first time in seven years. He also becomes friends with other girls and enjoys his life. However, each girl gets involved in an accident and Tsukasa uses his sword for them just to make his peaceful life last forever....

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