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v9998.82013-12-21 at 16:30veebie29The Pink Strandchange to unofficial
v9998.62013-09-19 at 18:55[deleted]The Pink Strandrenai.us link
v9998.52012-12-27 at 10:47hybrid-beingThe Pink StrandSince they are based on net characters term 'unofficial' doesn't really apply.
v9998.42012-04-01 at 22:55usagiThe Pink Strandadded h-screen
v9998.32012-04-01 at 21:38usagiThe Pink Strandadded screens
v9998.22012-03-15 at 21:12personwhoisidleThe Pink StrandUploading screenshots.
v9998.12012-03-15 at 20:49personwhoisidleThe Pink StrandAdding novel to database.