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Review of Slay the Princess

SubjectSlay the Princess
Slay the Princess
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filipv on 2024-06-24
ReviewYou are a “hero”, sent on a mission to a cabin in the woods with the sole purpose of “slaying the princess” that is imprisoned in the basement of this cabin. You are told that the princess is dangerous and will cause the end of the world.

And then…

a mountain of choices. You can slay the princess, save the princess, bargain with her, turn your back on everything, etc. You are guided on this quest by a narrator and the inner voice of a “hero”.

Telling you any more would rob you of the experience that is this game.

It's best compared with The Stanley Parable (the narrator) and Disco Elysium (inner voices).
Be aware though, this IS a horror game. Not the blasé “jumpscare” horror, but rather the “I’m going to make you very uncomfortable and creeped out” type of horror.
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