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Review of euphoria

euphoria - Download Edition
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MorningDayLight on 2024-06-24
ReviewWell, let be straight and direct: I don't like cop-outs. Not at all. I really enjoyed most erotic scenes, the art, the characters, the setting, and some endings, better that others. Sadly, the "true ending", well, felt like a major cop-out of all the theme of the story about sadism and violence. The "devil" ending felt much more true to it.

It is very unusual to see a game like that. Each girl has a route but one route opens another that supposedly explains everything. I'more costumed to equally valid routes from RPGs. The scenes were also very uneven: it feels into an effort to give each girl completely unique scenes they delved into bizarre fetishes. People talk a lot about the scat but the scene involving pliers and a tongue was laughable to me. It still a 70/30 of good/are you doing comedy to me.

And then there is the second part of the game, that you will not see if you do not engage into a route. Sadly, like Speed when they get off the bus, it is a massive anticlimax. The games true route try to explain it in as few lines of dialogue as possible, in a way só contrived that you can almost feel the dude who wrote Kuroinu wrote this.

Man, and still give it a 9. Well, I am doing all of this because for all its flaws I really love the heroines, specially Nemu and Byakuya. And when this game goes right it goes very right. The horror, the violence, the eroticism. The game drags on because of the plot. It is like they built a premise before the answers. And I really dislike that. Ironically, if the devil ending was the real ending, it would make for a much better, greater finale that fits such psychological horror. In fact, I'll go pretend it was.
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