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Review of Coffee Talk

SubjectCoffee Talk
Coffee Talk
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swordfish96 on 2024-06-24
ReviewIt’s a chill game about serving drinks and listening to people’s problems and there’s pretty much no getting around the fact that this was blatantly inspired by VA-11 HALL-A and it would be pretty hard to talk about this VN without constantly comparing them so I’m not even going to try to refrain.

I suppose the most damning flaw about this is the protagonist. Seriously you’d have thought the creators would have twigged that a big part of VA-11 HALL-A was how Jill bounced off everyone. However this VN just has a faceless protagonist with a total personality of generic bartender and virtually zero interiority. They’re also nameable and the default name is ‘Barista’. Says it all really. There’s a plot twist regarding them at the end; but it comes completely out of nowhere and doesn’t affect much so it’s pretty pointless.

Setting isn’t quite as exciting; a quiet midnight place set in modern day but with fantasy races doesn’t quite beat VA-11 HALL-A’s hole in the wall in a cyberpunk dystopia setting though opinions more vary. It does give it a more contemporary real life feel but that results in a lot of talk that sounds mundane; like an abbreviated version of the sort of stuff I’d hear at work or family meetups, which while admirably realistic … is something I get enough of in real life. It doesn’t help that pretty much every character’s arc is predictable from their first appearence

The VN is technically competent with the chillhop music and the pitter-patter of rain creating a relaxing mellow atmosphere. It’s probably the strong point of the VN and just like VA-11 HALL-A , it does make it easy to pick it up and play through a (in game) day each day.

Well, if you haven’t played VA-11 HALL-A, play that first. It’s pretty good. If you have and were thinking about this … well if you desperately want something with the same vibes, it’s adequate but I wouldn’t put it as anywhere near the same quality.
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