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Review of Seventh Coat

SubjectSeventh Coat
Seventh Coat
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swordfish96 on 2024-06-24
ReviewAn April Fools game (but only technically) from the makers of Fata Morgana. Not connected but … actually it reminds me a little bit of Deltarune and Undertale. There’s no actual story link but there’s still both similarities and very pointed differences on what it does with the themes and characters that make it seem connected. At the least it’s enough that I can see it as a reason to reuse the art assets rather than it just being too much trouble to create new ones.

Half of the OST is mediocre chiptunes used for the more comedic parts, but the serious songs are in the same style as Fata Morgana and just as exceptional.

The story starts off as a pretty funny comedy about people who suddenly find themselves in a Dragon Quest-like game. I suppose the ‘April Fool’ is that it’s not actually a complete farce but instead gradually transitions to something a bit more serious. The main character’s an indie game developer who’s been crushed by reality and talks a lot about what creating games means to the creator and sometimes it felt a bit like the words of the actual devs talking about what making games meant to them.

As a whole it had the pieces to be great. However there really were too many things crammed in, in too short a runtime (around 4 hours), a lot of which of which needed proper buildup and time to explore rather than just being bluntly stated. In particular the reveal regarding the sudden cancer came off as corny rather than tragic. It still manages to be at least good though.

In the end it’s a remix of ideas in Fata Morgana that’s interesting but not really long enough to fit every idea in without suffering in quality. Still a decent read and I was willing to overlook a lot of the flaws due to the OST.
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