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Review of Tsukushite Agechau 4 ~Watashi-tachi no Mitsugetsu~

SubjectTsukushite Agechau 4 ~Watashi-tachi no Mitsugetsu~
I'm Gonna Serve You 4 - Download Edition
ByVote: 6.6marianokun on 2020-11-21
ReviewTsukushite Agechau Four (as I prefer to refer to it) is a dated vn with a barely decent plot, and what I mean by that is that out of the 4 heroines only Chizuru's and Leo's routes stand out, well at least slightly.

Chizuru has had an operation that's left a physical scar (though barely visible in her naked sprite) and, sadly as well, a psychological scar on her. Nothing super original, I know, but there was some element of enjoyment in her route.

Still, the best plot is found in Leo's route, who apparently doubles as a female assassin on the q.t. - which would explain her emotionless demeanor, I guess? Would've never expected that.

As for the other 2 routes they're as unoriginal and laughable as their annoying reference to the male sexual organ, namely "peni-chan". What with Takano's being a fairy (I would've actually liked her ending if they'd stayed in her fairy world, oh well) and Himeko's ... well, non-existent plot, the game could have done away with the excessive h and focused more on character development.