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Review of The Fairy's Song

SubjectThe Fairy's Song
The Fairy's Song
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swordfish96 on 2024-06-24
ReviewAs often seen from Ebi-Hime, a quite realistically British setting.

The goth teen protagonist Marley gives the VN some amusingly irreverent and low key snarky narration with lines such as “Much like adverts for Big Macs, things are never quite as they seem” and there's some good chemistry between her and Leofe, the ultra-sincere lady knight from 800AD who has some nice fish out of water moments in the modern day.

The plot is forgettable with the twists feeling a bit pointless but the relationship between Leofe and Marley which forms the core of the VN is great and features some cute Yuri moments between the two girls making it an enjoyable read overall.
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