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Review of Aikagi

Aikagi 18+ Patch
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LostPomegranate on 2024-06-24 last updated on 2024-06-25
ReviewAikagi is a fluffy slice of life single-route visual novel that is about as straightforward and bare bones as it can be. However, there's nothing it actually does wrong in its run-time (2:59 for me) but there's also nothing extroadinary here, what you see is what you get. With that said, I would recommend this to any slice of life or pure love visual novel fan, especially since Frontwing likes to do sales on Steam so it's already low price ($19.99 where I'm located) will be dropped lower if you're patient.

The characters are what you would expect for a single-route VN. The heroine is deredere and cute, the MC is relatively nondescript and inoffensive. The two supporting characters (yes there are only two) are also nondescript and inoffensive. This VN is so bare bones the only voiced character is the heroine, and no one else has a sprite (MC shows up in CGs though). The confession scene is pretty cute, and post confession the story is - for the most part - just there to tie the H-scenes (7 of them) together. All of the H-scenes are pretty vanilla (one footjob is the most extreme it gets).

While this VN has no surprises at all, sometimes a nice, fluffy slice of life is comforting. If you enjoy these types of VN or stories in general, then you should pick up Aikagi. It won't surprise you, and there's even a high likelihood I'll forget about it in a month or two, but I enjoyed my time here, and you probably will too if it's in your wheelhouse.
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