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Review of Sakura no Mori † Dreamers

SubjectSakura no Mori † Dreamers
ByVote: 6sovapex on 2020-11-22
ReviewDon't read the character tags.
I liked Sakuranomori, but I also hated it. I'll discuss it in its two parts.
The first part consists of a strong build up. Then filler ala Persona 5. Characters are introduced, built, then left to be moist over Shinji, and badger him about how killing is wrong because... it is?
Then the final chapters end it in a bang. Really good stuff. But it can't be over, and I knew that before I realized part 2 existed because there's too many loose ends.

And in part 2, the character routes, those loose ends are reserved for tying off in specific routes. Some routes suck. Others don't. Oh, and if you want to do each individual route for the romance or, y'know, the plot. Gotta make sure you selected options correctly during part one. Yay.