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Review of Kanojo to Ore no Koisome Dousei

SubjectKanojo to Ore no Koisome Dousei
ByVote: 3.5eschasintra on 2020-11-22
ReviewBeing the first visual novel release by Tokohana and the first title of its "Kanojo" series, I figured out that I'd give it a try as the concept and the cover both look interesting. Linear plot and a nukige like synopsis that could be completed in under 2 hours, why not.

Being reunited with your childhood friend based on the marriage promise is such a common trope that I find myself impossible to hate, no matter how stereotyped it is : Concept is great, had a lot of nukige elements such as "under the same roof", lovable artstyle, adorable heroine and a pretty short script... but that's it. My expectations weren't that high to begin with.

What I got is a linear plot with no twists, no comedy, no drama whatsoever. The single heroine's personality is so plain that it ruins the whole childhood friend atmosphere and the romance part as it's pretty much awkward, uninteresting and straight up boring. I wouldn't even categorize this game as a nukige, the amount of scenes doesn't make up for the tiresome and repetitive script that pretty much fuelled my boredom so rapidly it made me want to quit (dropping a two hour VN, you say...). Honestly, sex scenes weren't bad : just got overshadowed by the greatness of the script.

If childhood friends reunion is your fetish, go for it. Otherwise, just skip on it.