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Review of Shironagasu Tou e no Kikan

SubjectShironagasu Tou e no Kikan
ByVote: 7.5ridersfeet on 2020-11-22
ReviewFirst review, spoilers are marked.

When I bought this I didn't really expect anything at all - it was on sale on steam and tagged as a horror so I thought why not. I expected it to be a pretty generic murder mystery kind of novel (which is was to an extent). I was pleasantly surprised though and ended up enjoying the story quite a bit. While it isn't exactly polished and has some weak parts, it's overall a pretty strong horror / mystery with some pretty intense moments. It was recently translated to English as well and the translation was pretty solid. There's also no H-content which is a plus for me as well (I don't mind H-content but sometimes in serious stories it can feel out of place).

Breakdown by category:

Story 8.5/10:
Like I mentioned earlier, the plot is definitely the highlight. Off the bat there's a strong presence of something being off and the vn doesn't hesitate to jump into the action. There's some twists, some pretty intense moments, and the vn also incorporates some mechanics like defusing a bomb, which is timed btw that add to the suspense. The plot definitely falls into some of the typical tropes of horror mysteries, but I still found it enjoyable nonetheless. My biggest complaint about the plot: The antagonist kind of felt thrown in there, but it didn't hurt the story that much.

Characters 7/10:
The characters were decent, but nothing really special. They weren't bad, but none of them really saw enough development for me to get really attached to them. This is fine though as the vn's purpose isn't to make you fall in love with the characters.

Art 7/10:
The art style is kind of unique, and feels like a more minimalistic style compared to typical vns nowadays which adds to the charm of the vn. Look at some of the character's sprites and you'll know what I mean. While some sprites were better than others, overall the art was decent and the CGs were overall pretty decent as well.

Sound 6.5/10:
There's no voice acting in this VN, which isn't a deal breaker for me (In fact I'd prefer no voice acting over mediocre voice acting any day). I don't think there was a really memorable song in this visual novel (except maybe the ED). I did add some points to this section because the VN does well using sound to convey suspense through ambient noises and such.

Overall: ~7.5/10
Return to Shironagasu Island exceeded my expectations and while it can be rough around the edges I found the narrative pretty enjoyable. Overall it's a solid horror / mystery. It's also pretty short, taking under 10 hours to read and it's pretty cheap as well so I'd recommend for anyone looking for a shorter horror / mystery.


#1 by ridersfeet
2020-11-22 at 16:52
< report >First review pls no flame :)Last modified on 2020-11-22 at 16:53
#2 by fuukanou
2020-11-22 at 17:57
< report >*insert flame emoji x3 here*

how good is the translation or am i better off playing it in japanese?
#3 by ridersfeet
2020-11-22 at 21:21
< report >There were a few times where the translation was kind of rough but you could still make out what was happening. For the most part it was pretty solid. I heard that the eng translation was way worse before the official release. If you can read it in Japanese though that'd probably be the best.