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Review of The 257th Element

SubjectThe 257th Element
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cheekyman07 on 2024-07-09
ReviewI will be upfront, I did not finish this game, the cringe was too much for me.

Designed to bait people into thinking it will be good. A ton of paid reviews on Steam from people who played only a few hrs. Good looking art., an interesting premise, good presentation, etc.

But inside the box is a big pile of dogshit. Terrible direction. Scene after scene of boring and generic npc conversations that go on for hours. With the most cringe-inducing voice acting, holy shit it's goddamn awful. Worst EN VA to have ever hit my ears.

The interesting premise? nowhere to be seen, just hours and hours of slow-paced slog. Not even badfunny which would have let me keep going, just maximum soulless cringe and boring as hell. I feel sorry for the artists, they wasted effort on this turd.

Hard skip this.
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