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Review of 13-nin no Uruwashiki Kedamono

Subject13-nin no Uruwashiki Kedamono
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morieux on 2024-07-09
ReviewA bunch of characters waffling back and forth with no real consequence. There is way WAY too much ambiguity for a game of this genre. There’s no intrigue, nothing to grab onto. As soon as a character makes an assertion or accusation, they immediately get talked down or over so any tension that was there immediately dissolves. For that matter, there being a devil among them seems really irrelevant for most of the game when it’s left very unclear how much agency that devil has or whether they are a collaborator or a pawn until the very end.

You would think interpersonal drama and attitudes would be the main drive for accusing each other but as soon as the trial parts are over everyone kind of forgets their beef with each other and moves on.

On top of that, every character except Asana is pretty damn stupid as its very obvious halfway through the who the devil is given how clearly they are manipulating and steering conversations.

The romances were pretty lame and there’s only three options. Literally every non romanceable girl is much more appealing than the three boring ones you get. I dont care about H scenes to begin with but I gotta say these were very tame. The gore scenes are also pretty lukewarm with the first two being the most impressive.
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