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Review of Aoi Tori

SubjectAoi Tori
Aoi Tori
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Ghonf on 2024-07-10
ReviewAoi Tori is a pretty good Visual Novel from Purple software, which I quite enjoyed. The artstyle looks fairly nice, with several pretty well-done CGs, and in addition to that, the music is also very good. I especially like the opening song, and the opening in general is really good as well. Besides that the story was overall relatively interesting and pleasant to read, especially the prologue and, at the end, the true ending, which really captivated me. Though I think some routes, and with that, I'm mostly talking about the route of Risa, which in my opinion is also the weakest, didn't really do that much to the overall story. I still liked her route, but I honestly don't think Risa would've necessarily even needed a full route, at least with how it is implemented in the game, it's just not really on par with the rest. But other than that, the other routes were really good, and I quite liked mostly all the characters. The pacing was also mostly fairly decent, but I think the game could've explored some of its themes and characters a bit more. All in all I definitely think that Aoi Tori is a pretty good and enjoyable read.
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