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Review of Sengoku Hime ~Senran no Yo ni Honoo Tatsu~

SubjectSengoku Hime ~Senran no Yo ni Honoo Tatsu~
Sengoku Hime ~Senran no Yo ni Honoo Tatsu~
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Proxi on 2024-07-10
ReviewAs the first of its series, it is admittedly simple and devoid of mechanics that compliment or add to the strategic gameplay of Tenka Touitsu besides character interactions and h-scenes.
The game has four clan scenarios at the start, with the Takeda unlocked after a playthrough, making it five sandbox scenarios. Regional Warlords is also unlocked, allowing you to play any clan at the cost of story or character events.
Art has a glaring lack of quality control, seemingly random art design, as well as lacking in quantity. There are also out of place characters.
Sound-wise, it is average, not that impressive.
Story is full of cliches with no redeeming qualities from what I've seen, despite my limited Japanese.
On its own, it is decently replayable, but move to 2/3 if you want more.
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