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Review of Tokimeki Memorial

SubjectTokimeki Memorial
ByHelpfulness: 4
Vote: 6.2
onorub on 2020-12-02
ReviewAfter years of stalling, i've finally finished a TokiMemo game. Pretty sure this is the dating sim that made the genre gigantic after Doukyuusei started it, so it has great historical value. The mechanics are pretty interesting and this does a good job at making the school feel somewhat alive. Unfortunately the routes become too samey, especially if you exclude club-specific events. Later games in the series would remedy that. Even so, this is recommended not only for historical value, but also because it's pretty nice to experience this rather wacky dating sim world, even if most of your enjoyment comes from the first few playthroughs. Borderline decent VN.

Ranking down girls (excluding the two secret ones, because they barely do anything): Yuina>Mira>Ayako>Saki>Yuuko>Megumi>Shiori>Yumi>Mio>Nozomi>Yukari.

P.S. to fill space: It may sound a little random, but i also highly recommend it if you want to start writing charage yourself, because this game has so many simple character types that you can easily build traits using them as basis.
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#1 by Mutsuki
2020-12-02 at 22:07
< report >Out of interest, what system did you play this on?
#2 by onorub
2020-12-02 at 22:10
< report >PS1(emulation).
#3 by Mutsuki
2020-12-02 at 22:17
< report >#2, were there any times there were kanji that were hard to read because of the low resolution? I remember trying to play a GBA game in Japanese and there were kanji that I couldn't decipher one bit because they just looked like a block lol
#4 by onorub
2020-12-02 at 22:23
< report >It was slightly pixely but nothing unreadable. Keep in mind that i'm not the most reliable guy because i rely on sound over text whenever possible.
#5 by onorub
2022-05-21 at 20:44
< report >Update after going through original Doukyuusei: i seriously underestimated how many elements TokiMemo added to dating sims. While Doukyuusei introduced the concept of saying the right thing on dates and endgame confessions, it was mostly an adventure game with dating as a concept, while TokiMemo seems to be what introduced stat-raising, gift-giving and club-joining. While i like Doukyuusei most for doing a better job at making events flow into each other, i feel TokiMemo is what truly gave the Dating Sim sub-genre form by making it stand out from a regular adventure game.

Update 2: After doing some digging on here, it seems Hatsukoi Monogatari was the one that introduced stat-raising but it had little to no exploration besides stat-raising and dialogue? Then TokiMemo would be the one to take all those elements together while adding some more.Last modified on 2022-05-21 at 21:13