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Review of Robotics;Notes DaSH

SubjectRobotics;Notes DaSH
Robotics;Notes ELITE & DaSH Double Pack - EU Package Edition
ByVote: 6monado-boy on 2020-12-08 last updated on 2021-04-01
ReviewAn okay but incredibly underwhelming sequel to Robotics;Notes that was brought down by the fact that the common route was incredibly underwhelming, Airi's route did little to really make her feel important and Frau's route was the worst thing I have ever read in a Visual Novel (worst route for the worst character I suppose).

Akiho 11/10 best SciADV girl.


#1 by forever-here
2020-12-08 at 20:26
< report >need review for the first game.

I played this one by mistake and by mistake I mean I played this first instead of the first one. I'm really on the verge of dropping both titles for now. when Aki threatened to call the police to the MC (even as a joke) because he was being too perverted, I lost all interest to the characters and to the game. anyway discounting that one event plus the fact I played Frau's route first (agree that it is so bad), I'm wondering how this will tie to the original s;g characters. if they will tie at all.

I'm gonna need a summary of what's the takeaway of both titles in connection to the s;g world and characters.Last modified on 2020-12-08 at 20:27
#2 by monado-boy
2020-12-08 at 21:07
< report >@forever-here.
I'm a little confused as to why you found it to be a big deal that Akiho threatened to call the police as a joke. That's a recurring joke in anime/VNs, characters do it all the time.
Kurisu did it in Steins;Gate.

As for how the game ties to the original characters, I won't spoil too much but I will say that Daru frequently gets messaged by the S;G lab mems throughout the VN and a couple of S;G characters are indirectly involved in the true route.

in the first R;N, you get messages from 2 S;G characters and 1 C;H character, however there are less connections to S;G since the first R;N is largely it's own thing.

The biggest connections to the S;G characters in R;N DaSH that both Nae and Daru are physically present, but you likely already knew that.
#3 by hansfranz77
2021-04-15 at 07:03
< report >I would have preferred akiho would've never been a main character, but i'm "only" talking about the main game, here. I have yet to read dash. It does sound like it has quite the uneven quality form the other review, hm?
I have a question regarding the route structure of dash. Does this have a similarly weird system with tweets which decide the routes, or is it more like a normal latter structure vn this time?

Akiho 11/10 best SciADV girl

Shit taste confirmed. :O

No, really you want to tell me this whiny, childish and stupid idiot ranks higher than suzuha, kurisu or even nanami, for you? Are you sure you played those games?

I'll be frank i want to skip akiho's route by all means necessary, i hate her so damn much.Last modified on 2021-04-15 at 07:10
#4 by monado-boy
2021-04-15 at 13:03
< report >hansfranz77, first I will address your question about why I like Akiho. That would be difficult to sum up in a mere paragraph, but I will try. (I'll say that what made me love Akiho was the original game, not DaSH, though she had a couple of based moments in DaSH)

Mostly, I loved the way she clings so hard to her dream, even with so many people thinking she's an immature weirdo for doing so. She is determined to keep her love of robots alive. That love that Misa also shared but ended up drifting away from when she fell victim to circumstances around her, Akiho is keeping it going.
Akiho is laughed at, mocked, jeered at and criticised by everyone in the story. People think she's an idiot when she yells the Gunvarrel catchphrase in public, most people at school think her club is just a loser's gang and a waste of space, and everyone at that expo, towards the end of the story, thinks she's insensitive and ignorant for trying to keep Gunvarrel alive.
But in spite of all that opposition, she stays true to who she is. Because not only does she want to reach Misa, she wants to keep being the part of Misa than Misa never got to be.
She stumbles a few times along the way, and this is where Kaito comes in to give her a hand and stand with her, but it is Akiho's unwavering innocent conviction that ends up drawing people to her. It is why she ends up winning over all the people around her and it is why they all lend Akiho and Kaito their support in saving the world at the end.

Akiho represents the beautiful, childish and often naive purity that people have that tends to be crushed by the hardships and cruel realities that life throws at them. Except she stays true to it, never letting that purity be sullied, and as a result, her little light ends up being able to brighten up the whole world around her.

Now, as for the route structure of DaSH.
No, the route structure has nothing to do with tweets. In DaSH, you will often get a choice of what locations you want to visit, and depending on where you choose to go, you will end up on character routes.
To be frank, you may as well skip DaSH entirely. it's not really worth your time.

Let me finish this comment by saying that I am not interested in actually debating the quality of Akiho's character with you. If you dislike her then cool. But you asked for *my* opinion on her and so I gave it to you.
You probably disagree, but I don't need to see why you disagree because your opinion isn't going to make me change mine, so with all due respect, please keep it to yourself.
#5 by hansfranz77
2021-04-15 at 17:40
< report >
No, the route structure has nothing to do with tweets. In DaSH, you will often get a choice of what locations you want to visit, and depending on where you choose to go, you will end up on character routes.

This does sound kind of random, or do i overthink it?

To be frank, you may as well skip DaSH entirely. it's not really worth your time.
So it does add little to nothing in terms of closure for lets say kona or misaki, then? If that is the case and it is just comedy fluff i maybe follow your advice indeed.

As for akiho.. i honestly do not have a desire to discuss her "character" either. For me she just is not a developed character at all and she get's forced onto the player so hard that every rare good scene she gets towards the first third and the very end is worth nothing in the grand scheme of the game. But hey we agree to disagree and move on, i think.Last modified on 2021-04-15 at 17:40
#6 by monado-boy
2021-04-15 at 20:43
< report >It's not exactly random, it's more that to get onto, say, Junna's route, you would pick the locations where Junna is. The common route is very short though, only about 3-4 hours.

Misa does get closure in DaSH, and Subaru's route is good, but on the whole, DaSH feels like a fandisc.
#7 by hansfranz77
2021-04-17 at 19:55
< report >I rushed through most of it with the CoZ walkthrough now and i agree this game feels like 80% filler bs. Thus the question becomes do we know what of this shitshow is canon? Having daru know about real booting and electromagnetic wave devices like it's the most natural thing in the world feels to me like they want to canonize all of this stuff and those things alone leave an incredibly bad taste in my mouth ngl.

I still have the very last route left, but all of this comes across like the writers not giving a flying fuck about the overall coherency and the scientific aspects of the series at all. And that makes me dread the s;g thematic sequel, ngl.Last modified on 2021-04-17 at 20:00
#8 by monado-boy
2021-04-19 at 21:41
< report >Daru knows a lot because he's in close contact with people like Takumi, Mio, Rimi, Kurisu, Rintaro and Sawada. He's a member of the Anti-committee and has been for some time.

Even in C;C. he is referenced. Daru knowing as much as he does is consistent with the rest of the series.