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Review of Itsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! ~Sewazuki Aoi-kaa-san no Muchimuchi Oppai ni Amaete Ippai Shasei Shitai!~

SubjectItsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! ~Sewazuki Aoi-kaa-san no Muchimuchi Oppai ni Amaete Ippai Shasei Shitai!~
ByVote: 7kuroonehalf on 2020-12-09
ReviewTechnically the 7th game in the Musumama series, this entry had me initially worried that it would continue to follow a negative trend with the series as of late, but I'm glad to report that it's back on the up-and-up.

I'll get the art out of the way first because it'll be quick. Hozumi Kaoru has been slowly getting better and better with each game, and the kind of derpiness you found in most CGs in earlier games is quite rare now. The art is pretty solid overall, both in the static and animated CG. It also touches on more fetishes, which should generally appease more different kinds of players - there's 2 pregnant scenes, an armpitjob scene, footjob, etc - but sadly, there are no ejaculation choices (it's always inside). Hopefully they bring those back in the next game, but still, it's probably the most solid and varied in terms of art so far, which is good.

Now, onto the story. The strengths of these kinds of incest games are mainly in their taboo aspect. The idea that this is a forbidden relationship and that they shouldn't give in to their temptations is what makes it exciting. And the first 3 games in the series I thought were pretty decent at conveying this atmosphere, but the next 3 games were not so good at it. The mom and son would just dive into sex acts at the smallest push, and with seemingly no apprehension. Thankfully, this game is more like the earlier ones in terms of story. It could still be a lot better - the son comes off a bit rapey sometimes in starting the engagements, the mom could be more apprehensive, and they never use condoms or consider the pullout method - but it's still decent. I think I still prefer the stories of 2 and 3 better, but this is a close third.

Like all the games so far, after a short common route it splits into one of two routes: a more lovers kind of route, and a pampering route where they keep the mom son dynamic but add the sex to it. Personally I feel like the lovers route is still too rapey; The son basically rapes the mom repeatedly until she gets into it, but I think it's okayish that it exists since I imagine some people are probably more into that dynamic, and there's still the pampering route for people who want a more gentle relationship, like me.

After you finish both routes you get the mom POV route, but it's unfortunately underwhelming. It follows the lovers route, which is my least favorite, and adds very few unique lines or context to the story. I think that heroine POV routes can be really exciting ( link 's is amazing), but they need more than this. I think it should cover all the existing routes, and have a lot more internal voiced narration for it to work well.

As someone who feels like they're the target audience for these kinds of stories, I've been a bit underwhelmed with recent releases, and this one was a sign of it going back in the right direction. There's still a ton that could be improved, and various other ideas in this genre that could be explored (brown mom when???), but I was decently happy with this.


#1 by heartbeat
2021-05-10 at 03:17
< report >i like the idea of chocolate mom. ngl

not too dark but a tan kind of colour.
#2 by veshurik
2021-11-17 at 18:40
< report >Oh, really, I love art coloring and Hozumi Kaoru's art. Comparing to... Well, "Itsumademo Ore wa Mama ni Koishiteru" 'link', it is a big progress for artist. I didn't like art at all in those game. But here it looks so sweet and hot!