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Review of Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou

SubjectTsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou
Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou -Full Voice Edition-
ByVote: 6checkerpeck on 2020-12-15
ReviewTsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou feels like some elaborate prank that everyone besides me is in on. I straight up don't get the circlejerk around Luna and think Minato is waaaaaaaaaaaay better. If it's not some prank, then it just feels like the people who are looking for "good" trap vns just have way lower expectations than they really should. The "villain", Ion, is somehow one of the worst and best villains I've ever seen in a vn. He's a Disney original movie villain in terms of how he acts. It's amazing how fucking bad it is. There's one part in Luna's route where he's with the heroines + MC and he's like "HAHAHA yeah, I stole your designs and that your mum groveled to me to get you to leave the fashion business. And don't you or your little minions dare lift a finger. I have connections to each and every one of their families or know their darkest secrets. I can and will ruin your lives if you dare defy me. MWAHAHAHAHA." And then, since he knows that they're recording him and Mizuho fainted after learning how the MC is a boi, he's like "Oh look at this poor gurl after seeing how this mongrel has infiltrated into our prestigious school. He is a menace that needs to be dealt with and should be expelled this instant!" Tell me how this is supposed to be of any good quality because it's just bad to me. Feels like one of the biggest asspulls or him being such Disney villain that he planned this all out for the luls.

Ursule's route is about how she's has an inferiority complex, but it's so poorly developed that I'm just bursting out laughing from how she's crying even though she got 2nd place in her class all because she lost to Luna, a genius. It seems like her problem is also in regards to Luna and not some kind of deep rooted problem she faced from childhood or anything. She's just a sore loser that can't be happy to see her friends succeed as long as she isn't succeeding the most

I'd talk about Luna's route and her drama, but I'm not even sure what it's even about besides just getting the MC to be able to stay in school in the end, except that's probably something that happens in every route anyway. Luna doesn't change at all from the beginning of the game to the end while arguably pretty much everyone else from the main cast changes more than her. Sure, her va's good, but I also think her role was 10x better here: link

The whole fashion setting is boring and the specifics are barely developed. You will come out of it knowing about as much as a 3 minute youtube video on fashion design. Jean-pierre Stanley, the guy the MC idolizes, has about as much screen time as those bullies in the initial flashback with Risona.