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Review of narcissu -SIDE 2nd-

Subjectnarcissu -SIDE 2nd-
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m0lnarr on 2020-12-28
ReviewThe 2nd side of the story ties the first one excellently. Every small detail in the first side makes now sense. The love for maps, daffodils, rules passed, curses - everything. "If I were a saint. If my prayers weren't just for comfort. Then now, a miracle would happen...". Beautiful in its sadness, Narcissu 2 ties everything together perfectly, making for a complete narrative, bittersweet until the end. A serious theme presented in a flawless manner. I loved this story, and I wish for you to do too, because...

in those dazzling days, those winter days, in times like these, it's okay to cry.
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#1 by japanication
2023-01-24 at 10:06
< report >Just want to add my two cents for any people considering whether or not to play this in the future.
I think the "details making sense" thing was a liiiittle bit forced. But that didn't take away from my experience of Narcissu 2 at all. Still a great read.