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Review of School Days

SubjectSchool Days
School Days HQ - Standard Edition
ByVote: 6.2ghosthardware on 2021-01-12
ReviewSchool days benefits from a very good beginning. The love triangle is set up decently and there is a lot of opportunity for it to pay off during the course of the story. Unfortunately, School Days has two fatal flaws - the least interesting protagonist I've ever seen in a visual novel and no character development.

Makoto has almost no personality. I recall a comment where he is described as 'just letting things happen to him', and that's the perfect description. There is nothing about him that makes him relatable or likable to the player, he's a blank slate that remains a blank slate over the entire VN. But its not just him, the other characters have almost no character development over the course of the story as well. The drama after the first act becomes artificial and unbelievable because the characters and their motivations aren't realistic or believable.

On the other hand, School Days has an excellent presentation. I love the animated style and its a real shame more Visual Novels haven't been released in this format due to the budget and time costs involved.