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Review of Ace Academy

SubjectAce Academy
ACE Academy
ByVote: 5hansfranz77 on 2021-01-13
ReviewI really would compare this to any run of the mill ecchi anime you can stream and get a few laughs out of. It may sound harsh but the only really interesting thing here is the setting and they do nothing at all with it. This just ends abruptly and you ask yourself why you even bothered with this game? Supposeldy a kickstarter game at one point and maybe they lacked funding at the end?

Regardless of why this tunred out to be the way it did the fact of the matter with this is, that the writing for the characters and their supposed age range just clash all the time for me. I played the yuuna and kaori ending to completion and aside from the fact that i know there is a kaori game that is set after her ending (which was basically the same as yuuna's itself, save for some other lines) there is really nothing that would draw me back into this story or special at all in the writing.

Maybe some just need to play more vns, considering how insanley overrated this thing seems to be. If it comes down to it aside form the humor (which is highly subjective), the english va and sometimes the amazing backgound art there is nothing here to even mention let alone recommend to others. If you watched any mecha anime in your life you know this story and the character archetypes already and saw that a thousand times before as well.