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Review of 7'scarlet

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otomelover068 on 2021-01-14
ReviewEnglish is not my native language, I apologize if I have a lot of spelling mistakes.

I love Otomes games and I really enjoy the mystery genre. But this is a disaster, sometimes it seems that the game is not decided on being a romance or a mystery. Good ideas, bad execution.

Gameplay: Click, click, click like most visual novels, the normal thing. Unblocking the routes seems easy, especially with the enforced play mode, but the punctuation system does not forgive you many errors in your decisions, which will make you have a hard time if you do not have a guide in hand.

Imagery / GUI:
The characters look good. The menus, the textbox, the gui in general is beautiful. Maybe the sprite design and backgrounds don't look good together. One is very realistic and the other is not, but that's my personal taste.

Soundtrack / Music: In scenes quite creepy or pushy between the protagonist and her boy, they usually play romantic music. My favorite song is the second opening, because inadvertently it reveals the secret identity of the idol A-TO.

Mystery: Boring and predictable. It starts out well, interesting, but once you realize that the protagonist makes poor efforts to find her missing brother, things only go from bad to worse. The antagonist of the game shows his all red flags from the prologue, the characters being that obvious makes the plot-twists more than predictable, you know from the beginning who is going to stab you in the back. Repeating text in other paths does not help.

Romance: The romance options are nothing new and innovative, they are something basic and their reasons for falling in love with the protagonist are very similar. Kiss scenes sometimes happen at the worst possible moments and the protagonist's text saying that she feels like she melts away in almost every kiss scene. Behaviors that are quite creepy in the romance options, the protagonist normalizes them like nothing.

Characters: Characters are dedicated to making stupid and pointless decisions for most of the story. But I'm not so surprised, when people start to die in this game, the characters hardly react when they find out about it.

If you are looking for a good mystery game, this is not your game.

If you're looking for a good otome game, there are better games out there.

If you are looking to waste your time with a game that is almost as predictable as a mobile Otome and with a mystery that throughout the game has a more predictable logic than the first tutorial case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, this is your game.
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#1 by carito728
2021-03-28 at 22:48
< report >100% Agree with everything you said. This VN is mediocre in both the romance aspects and mystery aspects. If I were put it bluntly--the writing is dogshit.
#2 by mvstafu
2022-05-25 at 15:40
< report >The concept and themes were actually rather interesting, but the execution was extremely lacking for me. The romance was poorly-written with the same 'met you ten years ago, and I've been in love since then' trope pulled one time too many (if I remember correctly). Maybe if they spent more time developing this and fully-fleshing out the plot and characters, maybe it would have turned out better.