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Review of Isekai Sakaba no Sextet

SubjectIsekai Sakaba no Sextet
ByVote: 8z3k3n on 2021-01-18 last updated on 2021-02-28
ReviewThis is a review for the first volume, review will be edited as I read the upcoming volumes

As usual, qureate has done it again with great art, great character animations, good story, good music, great uncensored h-scenes.
The only minor thing you could complain about is the size, but all signs point to this being episodic/having a continuation, so honestly what's to dislike? (Except for the fact that as a blowjob connoisseur, with a game with such great content, not having a single blowjob or even a boobjob is a crime. Thus the 9 rating instead of 10.)

Summary (minor spoilers, just the beginning of the game for Volume 1):

There are 2 heroines in this game, Daisy and Lupine. (From all appearances it seems the others on the main screen image will get routes/h-scenes in future games.) You are a cook working in a maid café as a chef, and due to how the cafe is run, you end up getting quite good at cooking. One day, when checking the back room after hearing some noises, you get transported to another world.

Upon arriving in the new world you find yourself in a grassy plains with a slime in front of you. Being the otaku? you are, you try to defeat the slime. (The protagonist compares the strength of a slime to a bat-type monster. Which is apparently stronger?) After failing miserably, you get saved by Lupine. She brings you to her tavern and you cook her some food to return the favor. Surprised by how well you cook, she offers you a job.

This visual novel centers around the events that happen when you are working in this tavern, in a different world.

Volume 2 (some? spoilers):
This volume was a bit hard to navigate to get all the 3 main endings, there are so may ways to fail and get a normal ending (or at least it felt that way to me.) This volume was nice, a bit short again, but with the game having 2 heroine and 1 harem routes consistently, this was to be expected. It was nice having a CG for someone other than just the 6 main girls, with the new addition (and consequently removal) of a character, the enemy of Veronica and Dahlia. Submissive Veronica while having sex is nice, and Dahlia being a little naïve about sex is nice too. Overall still nice, plot is consistent.