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Review of Ephemeral -Miniature Garden-

SubjectEphemeral -Miniature Garden-
Ephemeral -Miniature Garden-
ByVote: 1lalusan on 2021-01-18
ReviewThis has to be not only the worst otome game but the worst game i have played by far, compared to the og ephemeral, this spin off makes it look like a masterpiece, even when the game has some major flaws was still enjoyable, but this one is total bs, first of all, it´s boring as hell, you know you did something wrong when people get bored with a videogame, you feel like nothing happens at all and everything is so repetitive you get tired, the plot not only contradicts the logic and rules of the original game but also the ones of the spin off, what do you mean that mermans can use the obey order with mermaids when they feel the "absolute defeat", if that was true then why Natsume wasn´t able to use that when Amanda was clearly discouraged when he found about Natsume being a merman and talking about her diseased son, according to the logic she should have been over her heels and felt weak by those emotions but that didn´t happen and why would a "god of destruction" punish the mermaids by giving power to the merman if they both share the same corrupted nature, nature that he themselve gave them, the merman are basically the new mermaid now but somehow they can´t be punished even thou they were and also are capable of being just as evil as the mermaids, but because the mermaids started being the evil ones first they´re the only ones to blame???? and what about the mermaids that never did nothing wrong and were also victims of other mermaids?? they´ll also be punished by mermans even thou they are innocent and were just as mistreated as the mermans??? none of this makes sense at all ( and the fact that they seem to only blame women on this gives me a bad feeling), also the reason of the mermaids to feel inferior to merman is because they´re more good looking, of all things you could have come up with like power, reincarnation of some gods, or something else, it´s just a pretty face enough to make them submissive to merman, you gotta be kidding me, i could have actually let this slide if the game made it seem like this god is so evil and cruel he doesn´t care at all about the living beings in this world and he just seems to enjoy creating chaos with his own twsited sense of justice but no, the game actually wants you to see this as soemthing that makes sense, then there´s the characters, no only they´re bland and generic, but they´re also so damn annoying and unlikable as well, especially the mc, Aria has to be downright the most horrible otome heroine i have seen in my life, and (trigger warning) she r@p*s one of the boys, Hisui, and the worst part is they never adress this as something horrible or twisted but romantic?!!!!, this is really disturbing, especially for a game that´s rated 9+ on the app store, the only characters i can save from this are Evan, Rion and Hisui, the others can go rot especially Aria, the art is nice, Kinami sensei is pretty talented but the horizontal screen doesn´t make justice with the details of the game, and hirano hiro, i liked what he did in ephemeral despite the flaws but what the hell was this?? i don´t understand how things could have gone this wrong

Conclusion: DON´T PLAY THIS GAME, JUST DON´T, act like it doesn´t exist or just try Rion´s route since he´s the only route that actually can be saved from this dumpsterfire


#1 by beliar
2021-01-18 at 16:27
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