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Review of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

SubjectDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - Download Edition
ByVote: 10otakusouma on 2021-01-18
ReviewMy review:
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai is a very fun VN. Summarizing it, Kakei (protag) spends his life reading, then one day his premonition said that a certain girl was going to get run over by a train. In a panic, he pushed her down and grabbed her breast. Now he is forced to help her in a committee she started, about fulfilling the request of all students who request it. This is now the Library Club.

Story: The story at the start was just mainly focussing on the library club, the whole Shepard thing, and Mochizuki trying to recruit Kakei to the student council. The story isn't that much interesting, but the heroines make up for it. Without spoiling, a part that I enjoyed would probably be Misono using Giza to threaten Nagi. There's also Giza just being a predator. They're all funny and very creepy interactions, but still enjoyable.

Heroines: In this VN, I enjoyed half of the eight heroines. Some were interesting, some were annoying, and some just weren't my type. Though their routes all puts feels into you, so it's fine.
This is the tier list I made. The heroines are all ranked based upon how much I enjoyed them and their route. I will also explain a like and dislike about each of them.
Shirasaki Tsugumi (S): I love how she is a Deredere. Derederes are one of my favorite types of deres because they aren't tsundere and they're all very nice. Shirasaki aims to make the lives of the students more enjoyable. To do this, she joined the library club with Kakei and made it pretty much a volunteer club. She mostly always has a positive attitude and she has very cute expressions too. And she's a pervert. You didn't hear this from me though.
I dislike how when Kakei helps her gain confidence, she immediately loses it not long after. Like, what was all that training for then? Her overly positive attitude also does get annoying sometimes. But it's not anything too bad.
Suzuki Kana (A): Suzuki is the most normal out of the main heroines. This is regarding the H-scenes. Suzuki is very energetic and tells funny jokes, unlike Shirasaki. She's also probably the cutest heroine. She reminds me of myself, sometimes. And I do very much like her. That's why she's in the A. I still like Shirasaki more though.
There's not really anything about her I dislike. If I had to choose... I guess I don't like how she teases Kakei? Idk. I got nothing.
Kodachi Nagi (B): I didn't really have an opinion on Nagi, at first. But when her route came, it was amazing. She's in B tier solely because of how cute she gets when she realizes her feelings for Kakei. That's all. There was that one time she stripped in public. She got the whole crowd wild. Fun fact: She's very good at BJ's. And I mean, very good.
I dislike how rude she gets when Kakei is trying to be thoughtful of her. Her desire to reach her "certain goal" is another thing I dislike. But yeah, cuteness alone can only take you so far.
Ureshino Sayumi (C): Ureshino is a gamer. And I mean, a modern gamer. The kind of people that play FPS games. CoD, Battlefield, Halo, etc. She's very good at them. Ureshino is also highly intelligent. She is capable of hacking into any kind of software, bypassing protection. Just play the vn, she really is a cut above the rest. She is also capable of blackmail, murder, equipping a satellite with a gosh dang laser cannon. She can even find out where you live with ease. Send a simple text message, and you're pretty much Doxx'ed. If you're a Youtuber, Doxxed, Vtuber, doxxed, anyone or anything with wifi, doxxed. She is also equipped with a gun. She can do all of this with the little body she has. I do like her, but she terrifies the crap out of me. For serious.
I dislike how she suggested the whole cosplay while advertising posters thing. Kakei got done dirty. Sorry man.
Serizawa Miyu (D): Only thing I liked about her was how cute she got when she realized her feelings about Kakei. Her route wasn't too bad but was still boring.
Mochizuki Maho (D): I like how Mochizuki is kind and considerate. She also isn't one of those mean student council presidents you see.
She is more like an Onee-san type of girl. I don't like Onee-sans, nor older women, generally. Her route was also super short.
Sakuraba Tamamo (F): Sakuraba is a whole dang Masochist. Real talk though. She is a princess. I forgot the situation, but yeah, she's a princess. But dang is she a masochist. You'll see what I mean in the true route.
She is the worst heroine for a reason. She keeps talking about how people with talent should utilize it. She's basically saying, if you're good at something, you shouldn't be allowed to do what you like doing. Focus on your talent instead. And it really annoys me when she goes on and on about it. I also hate how when Kakei keeps trying to tell her she's cute, she just denies it over and over again about how she isn't cute. Stfu and take the compliment. She also gets overly serious for no good reason.
Misono Senri (F): Misono is also a masochist. Her masochism isn't as great as Sakuraba's, but it's still very much there. Refer to her true route. She's supposed to be an idol, but here we have her dressing up as a neko-maid and wanting Kakei to dominate her.
Misono has the worst route in the game, no doubt about it. Worst common route and worst true route. I will save y'all the trouble, heed my advice right now. Play Suzuki's common route, AFTER Misono's. You'll regret it if you go the other way around. Misono isn't interesting, nor is her route. It was meh. I just don't really like her in general. But hey, any heroine is better than Sakuraba.

This VN is a 10/10 for me. I will one day play the fan disc and probs do Takigawa's route for last because I despise Takigawa. You know why.


#1 by forever-here
2021-01-18 at 20:10
< report >my ranking I guess...

S: Maho and the two lolis. Maho because you gotta realize she took the long battle. just to isolate MC to the student council room. and the two lolis because lolis.
A: Miyu. ehh she's cute. kinda shows that sometimes I am simple to please.
B: Misono. I feel her "conflict" is pretty realistic. at some point you don't need to try so hard.
C: Tamamo and Tsugumi. and I mean that as them being a pair. their self-sacrifice take on life itself feels very unrealistic. to put it negatively they're worse than simps.
D: Nagi. If C is any indication and you saw her route for what it really is then it is heavily implied that she doesn't even know she's gonna self-sacrifice. illusion of choice is one thing, but not knowing your choice for its entirety is just another level of shit.
#2 by otakusouma
2021-01-18 at 21:33
< report >@#1 Yeah. How is Misono not a loli but Suzuki is?
#3 by forever-here
2021-01-18 at 22:06
< report >^ she didn't strike me as a loli for some reason. I mean granted "same face dilemma" but.. ehh I don't know.
#4 by otakusouma
2021-01-18 at 23:14
< report >@#3 I see. How do you do the spoiler tag?
#5 by forever-here
2021-01-19 at 05:03
< report >[ spoiler]

then text to hide, and end it with

[ /spoiler]

but without the spacesLast modified on 2021-01-19 at 05:03
#6 by otakusouma
2021-01-19 at 13:38
< report >testing
#7 by otakusouma
2021-01-19 at 13:40
< report >@#1About your self-sacrificing comment, I believe it's incorrect. Nagi didn't want to exist in the world. That's the whole reason why she tried to become a shepherd. Helping people was just an excuse. But she was still fine with doing that.
#8 by forever-here
2021-01-19 at 14:49
< report >#7 does she hate existing in the world or existence itself? either way she'd still exist as a shepherd. but we'll never know if that will be better or worse for her.
#9 by otakusouma
2021-01-19 at 14:52
< report >@#8 She only hated existing in the world
#10 by forever-here
2021-01-19 at 15:07
< report >#9 I dunno man. she doesn't know the full details of being a shepherd. we'll never know if she'll have a fate worse than death there. or existence. she doesn't know she'll self-sacrifice over there and that's quite the red flag.
#11 by otakusouma
2021-01-19 at 17:06
< report >@#10 What do you mean? There exist 800+ of them. Perhaps her higher-up would tell her if she asked. But none of them seem to have any trauma as a shepherd or anything. Therefore, she'd probably be fine
#12 by diabloryuzaki
2021-01-19 at 18:14
< report >#11
there is no clear detail for being a sheperd, what you know is
1. you are recruited
2. you must do simple jobs
3. repeat that simple jobs for several years or more
basically being a sheperd is black job itself
#13 by otakusouma
2021-01-19 at 22:57
< report >@#12 I guess. I never liked the whole Shepard idea, to begin with.