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Review of Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita de

SubjectHitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita de
ByVote: 7lidinx on 2021-01-19
ReviewCut short and made with discourse.

I was really surprised to hear a bunch of voices I had never heard before. Looked it up to find all the VAs were from porn-focused eroge. Their voices sounded great, especially during the sex scenes. I only wish Katou had gotten a scene as well, but there’s probably no hope for that.

Mimari was one of the only strong characters in this game. Realistically aggressive and a kuudere, great combo. Her route was the one that gave best “finished” feeling.

The writing was truly off though, it felt as though the entire game was cut short. The set up for MC’s parents was given, but never acted upon. It doesn’t need to be talked about at all, so why put it in if you weren’t planning something for it? Every route feels cut short, only showing their main fight, but excluding all the other setups. We never see Iwaki in any other route, Katou is killed off in text (for a BS reason in Mimari’s route), and Kazusa never gets her story resolved in any but her own. It’s mentioned in Hikari’s route, but not enough to matter. Hikari’s route felt the most cut short of them all, with it almost wanting to be the main route where everyone gets their conflicts resolved. Jinnou’s route felt annoyingly as though the writers had no idea how to handle a student council president. Or how to do a romance with one. Just leaving her as the RA would have been fine, but we get a route of two people in an office doing work.

The art, while ok, feels like it clashed within the same game. Characters can stand out too much from their design or line art. None of the art was bad, but it felt like some characters belonged to other games.

The whole game felt like a rushed clump of multiple people failing to communicate and running out of time. A fan disc feels unlikely, and I probably wouldn’t buy it if it came out. It’s not the worst game I’ve played, but I could play better.