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Review of Hakuchuumu no Aojashin

SubjectHakuchuumu no Aojashin
ByVote: 7blaircatch22 on 2021-01-19 last updated on 2021-02-05
ReviewBest Scenario of 2020 Period...

A Day Dream's Blueprint(白昼夢の青写真) is a very interesting. The main theme about the story is love and it does a damn well job of conveying to the reader.
The story itself is quite unorthodox in the way that the reader has to go through 3 different types of stories in different settings in order to progress to the main story.
The stories are named Case 1, Case 2, Case 3, Case 0.

Case 1,2,3 are all well made, but it is quite unclear what all three stories really represent. All 3 have to do with love, goals, determination, ETC. and before progressing to the main story I thought that the 3 would have a clear theme. Unfortunately, this was not the case and maybe if each of these individual stories had a certain theme to go along with it, the main story would've had more of an impact. They are all relevant to the main story in one way or another, but what the cases represent in terms of connection to the main story is quite open. In one perspective, they can have none and on the other it can be very specific.

In all of the cases themselves, if you haven't noticed, all 3 cases have nearly the same characters and the same heroine. They are all related in one way another to the main story such as them being a facets of insecurities, hatred, love, friendship, ETC. The heroine is the most important character in the whole story and the heroine is the one and only thing that holds the story together. If you don't like the heroine, then you won't like the entirety of the story. Thankfully, the heroine is very attractive and the cases are very interesting with varied conflicts. I liked all of the cases due to them all having a solid beginning and end.

The story is so dependent on the main heroine, but to be honest, it felt a bit jarring at times in the main story to expect the reader to feel the same determination the reader might've felt in the cases as the characters are completely different. However, the cases themselves does help the reader to understand the heroine and main character better. It can feel misleading at first, but the cases were an interesting and fun way to show the personalities of the MC and heroine for a deeper understanding.

The things I have mentioned above are honestly just nitpicks and the biggest problem I have is with the main story. The main story's setting plays a huge role in characterization and story progression and the setting should usually be as comprehensive(or not) as possible in order to not fuck everything up. I won't spoil the story as it is something you must experience yourself, but I will write about some of its short-comings. The biggest problem is when the reader eventually comes to face with the info-dump about the truth of setting at the near end. It is convoluted and makes little sense. It tries to explain why people have to live underground and of the entire caste system, but does it miserably. It does a poor job by using some pseudo science as a way of convenience and the Clannad-esque Nagisa's mysterious and uncurable disease story that only adds to the confusion. When the story is so dependent on the setting, it honestly is a double edged sword in this VN's case. The setting's conflicts and secrets are interesting, but the way to VN handled it was not satisfactory.

Oh yeah and there was a minor theme about the ethics of genetic modification. Pretty much forgot about that because it was only explored upon when it was convenient for the story.

If you have noticed, the problem I have with this VN ultimately rests on the main story. The cases were fantastic and the main story could not match up to the caliber of polish due to its flawed setting.

Despite the problems I have stated above, this VN is fun to read. The entirety of the story itself is well paced with likable characters. You definitely won't be bored and maybe you'll start to feel a sort of attachment to the heroine(s). The theme of the story is simple and a good love story will always have a place in our hearts.

Best Waifu of 2020. - Yonagi
CV of Yonagi did an amazing job.

Would play again/10


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