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Review of Daisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni

SubjectDaisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni
Bytomtheerogeman on 2019-04-28
ReviewI stumbled upon this game when surfing VNDB one time, and the first thing I thought was that the art looks really good, at least according to my tastes. Plus one character, Rion, has dog ears, and if that's not enough one of the sample CGs in the online stores shows her wearing teddy bear print panties. It was at that point that I knew I had to get ahold of this game. The game's ratings aren't that great on both VNDB and EGS, and when I went to EGS to read some of the user reviews (minus the ones with spoilers), they said little about why this game didn't score too well. I guess the only way to tell if I would like this or not is if I buy it. This is also a raising sim, something I've never actually played before, so maybe in the meantime I'll also find out why they don't make these as often as they used to.

The game starts when the MC receives an envelope from the postman, and inside were some photos and descriptions of 3 kids that were put together by the tutoring center he works for. He has to pick one (your choice), and from there his part time job begins, where he goes to the student's home once a week to tutor her. Other characters are unlocked later, and the traps' routes are accessible only by turning on the ♂ switch in the game's settings from the main menu, which unlocks a totally different part of the game. It's hidden well enough for you to forget about it after clearing the girls' routes, so if you're stumped as to how to unlock the traps' routes later, that's how it's done.

link is what the work looks like. The bottom 4 life bars represent the girl's skills in Japanese, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The big life bar divided into 4 parts represents how much time she will spend studying each subject, which is what you get to decide. Once you click OK, you wait a moment for the big life bar to fill up. Often it stops partway and you have to help them answer a multiple-choice question, and if you get it right it helps their comprehension. Once this is done you are then left to assign them homework; sadly there doesn't seem to be a set skill level corresponding to how many pages of homework they can do, but the higher their skills, the more pages they will do.

You repeat the process in the above paragraph every time you visit your student, and this is where the game falls short. It becomes repetitive after about an hour, and the questions you have to answer have a time limit. Considering that I didn't grow up in Japan and my reading speed isn't as fast as a native speaker's, I often have to guess the answer. I have to get into the habit of saving before each lesson (no, the questions don't change), and loading if I get it wrong. And God forbid anyone buys this and tries to skip all text to go straight to the H scenes, because this minigame blocks you from doing so and you're forced to go through all of this to get to the lewd parts.

But this game isn't all bad. The H scenes themselves are faptastic, and the conversations the MC had with the heroines were really nice, with quite a few jokes, witticisms, stupid moments, ridiculous excuses for h scenes, and other things that made me laugh and feel like I was having a good time. This is what got me to finish all the heroines' routes (minus the 2 traps since I'm not into that), because the repetitive tutoring sessions were quite short and the dialog in them was sometimes skippable after a while. Now that I think about it, if they got rid of the raising sim thing and added a few more conversations between the characters, then this game would have much better ratings.

Tachibana Yuzu's route is the most interesting part of the game for me. I started her route one time when I was bored, and seeing how the MC doesn't realize that she's actually a guy, I kept reading in suspense. When he finally realizes that in her 4th H scene, he's thinking "WTF," but took it gently without hurting her feelings. She thinks that her male genitalia are a part of her illness. She later tells the MC that her father abandoned her after learning about her "illness," and that she was so scared of the MC hating her after finding out. But apparently the MC likes traps, so their sexual relationship continued. As that isn't my fetish, I didn't read her route after the day she mentioned her father, so I don't know about the rest of her route. Yeah, it's a really sad story.

The last thing I should mention is that this game's text is completely unhookable, so you must be able to read Japanese. Textractor and ITHVNR both can't extract anything whatsoever, and ITHVNR can't even attach itself to it at all either. There are old AGTH H codes for other cage games but not this one, leading me to believe that someone tried to make one for this game but failed. Fortunately I understood almost everything though, so it doesn't make much of a difference to me. Hell, it feels kind of nice not to start up a laundry list of programs before reading a VN.

So while I did enjoy playing this game overall, I don't think I can recommend it to most people who like lolis. There are simply better loli games out there, so unless you want a game with both traps and lolis, or if you have already read a lot of loli VNs but haven't tried this one yet, then I won't suggest buying this. BTW, one EGS user says that he got only 7-1/2 hours out of this as he didn't do the traps' routes, so here's hoping you pick this up on a discounted price, as some places are probably having Golden Week sales around this time, or soon. And get the download version because of this link.

Anyways, since this game didn't leave me with a good first impression of the raising sim genre, what are some raising sims in Japanese that you'd recommend? If they look interesting enough to me, then I might play it in a few years (yeah there's a lot of other VNs I want to try.)


#1 by kratoscar2008
2019-04-28 at 06:16
< report >I remember game, though I only got a save for the scenes. I don't remember that much but I think the game can be hooked? I usually remember when a VN doesn't hooks in my VNR, which isn't often.

Anyways shame that Yuzu is the trap but yeah dog maid was reason enough to get it.
#2 by bobjr2000
2019-04-28 at 06:33
< report >Ive had eye on title but as pointed was afraid wouldn't have /h code so been avoiding it.

I had just couple titles but forget which ones didn't work on vnr but then again it was just before they stopped updating vnr.
#3 by eacil
2019-04-28 at 06:56
< report >Try Musumaker if you want loli + raising sim.
#4 by tomtheerogeman
2019-04-28 at 07:01
< report >I tried to download VNR from the 2 download links in link but it's no longer on the yandex website and the download from aniclan keeps failing for some reason.

I didn't think to test VNR since I thought ITHVNR is supposed to hook everything VNR hooks, and I don't have the program since I don't like the ideas behind it (CPU usage, machine translations, internet connection possibly required, etc). So yeah, if someone has VNR and can test this game that would be nice.

Edit: #4 Thx for the suggestion, looks good!Last modified on 2019-04-28 at 07:04