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Review of Koukan no Toriko-tachi...

SubjectKoukan no Toriko-tachi...
Koukan no Toriko-tachi... - Download Edition
ByVote: 8barfboy on 2021-02-08
ReviewThere are not enough swinging games out there and there certainly aren't enough good ones. This is a very good one. Yagami Hiroki is married to Yagami Yukari and their mutual childhood friend is Kamikawa Tetsuya who has a young girlfriend (relative to the others) Maejima Mei . I thought she was a high school girl at first especially because her blouse looks like a sailor uniform and because she and Tetsuya are not married. However, they are a normal pair of couples and good friends, things are going well. They go out drinking together, they spend time at Hiroki's home with his wife together. Normal stuff. Then Tetsuya asks Hiroki to have sex with his girlfriend Mei.

Uhhhh, what? You see, according to Tetsuya, Mei has only ever had sex with him before and she's worried she's not a good lover. You see, if she has sex with Hiroki a few times it could improve her sex life and she can be a better lover for Tetsuya. Hiroki's wife agrees to it, as long as Hiroki is okay with it he and Mei can have sex a few times together. It's to help out their friends after all. You are always able to cancel any time, the game often gives you choices to just quit out of the deal and the game ends. But if you're squeamish what are you even playing for?

So Hiroki meets with Mei at a love hotel, they get some condoms and have sex. He gets home and his wife asks 'how was sex with Mei?' That's an awkward conversation. Still, I love Mei, she's much cuter than his wife Yukari and the immorality of watching Hiroki having sex with a girl with his wife's permission is pretty hot. After having sex with Mei 3 times Hiroki learns the truth. His wife has been having sex with Tetsuya for months. They planned this out to feel better about themselves. The whole thing was a setup. If you choose to keep going the actual swinging game starts.

They come up with 3 rules.
Rule 1. Never have sex with the other's partner without the consent of all pairs. Both pairs will then have sex at the same time.
Rule 2. Always use protection.
Rule 3. Immediately return home after sex with the other's partner to have sex with your own partner.

Of course as the game progresses they break all 3 rules. Near the end Hiroki is even desperately trying to get Mei pregnant and knows Tetsuya is doing the same with his wife. Awesome, awesome stuff.

There are 3 basic endings. All of them good for different reasons.
Ending 1. Full cuckolding. It ends with Hiroki getting more turned on by Tetsuya fucking his wife than having sex with Mei. It ends with Hiroki hiding in the closet to watch the two have sex together. The NTR end.
Ending 2. Full swap. Hiroki has given up on his wife. He and Mei know that they've both been completely betrayed and there's no going back again. They don't care about their partners anymore and drown their passions in each other.
Ending 3. Full swinging. They have more and more sex together. Tetsuya and Mei are having sex in the room with each other while Hiroki and Yukari are doing the same, then they swap partners and keep going. Marriage is a worthless meaningless piece of paper. Full love on both sides. The only thing that could have made this better is if Tetsuya and Mei got married and Mei's first partner as a new wife were Hiroki. Just once I want to see a wife's first partner after marriage be her lover instead of her husband. Damn. Still, this route was a 10 out of 10 while the others were not as great.


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2021-11-08 at 04:57
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