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Review of Lessons in Love

SubjectLessons in Love
ByVote: 10loliconkamisama on 2021-02-21
ReviewThis game, honestly, was one of the best games I've ever played:


•Beautiful dialogue and a superbly written plot; characters felt so real.

•Great porn scenes that actually make sense. None of the bullshit hentai logic; you can fuck a girl when it logically makes sense to fuck one.

•Although not all girls have porn scenes YET, the ones who do have great scenes - most of which are animated.

•If you wanna just jerk off, download the gallery unlocker (google Lessons in Love Gallery Unlocker Mod) and jerk off via the gallery scenes. It takes time to get to the h-scenes, just like it takes time to fuck a girl in real life.

•If you've liked Grisaia or Katawa Shoujo, this game is definitely for you.


•Helpful to read the guide book on the front page of this discussion, right under the download links. Will alleviate most confusion.

•Google "save editor." and use them for the affection stats (and lust stats when you unlock them) if you hate grinding.

•ALWAYS SAVE every time you need to make a choice, as to not regret it later. Trust me, it happens.