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Review of Never7 -The End of Infinity-

SubjectNever7 -The End of Infinity-
ByVote: 5phantom-zero-12 on 2021-02-22
ReviewThe beginning of the Infinity series. Never7 focuses far more on romance than sci-fi or mystery, which may discourage fans of the other games from trying it out. The artwork and visual style feels somewhat dated by today's standards. The soundtrack is excellent, standing up to those of the other games in the series. The characters themselves are rather flat and don't develop all that much over time. In terms of pacing, although Never7 is focused mainly on slice-of-life, I found it flowing at a pretty consistent brisk pace, which was nice.

Overall, although it may not be to my personal taste, Never7 is a very charming and (at times) enjoyable experience. I'd recommend it to those who are fans of the later games and want to see where the series gets started.