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Review of Ravager

ByVote: 9ffthewinner on 2021-02-22
ReviewThis is a really well done game that offers something that very few games, even those done by AAA studios, offer: Tons of meaningful choices and decisions. At every moment in the game you have many choices you can make, some minor and some major. All of them have consequences, some immediate and some much later on. You need multiple playthroughs to even come close to seeing everything on offer. The freedom you feel while playing this game is its strongest asset.

Another strong asset is its characters. They all have different personalities, and some of them are really awesome to interact with *Cough Marie-Anne Cough*. The major ones are voiced too (and the voice actors do a pretty good job), which isn't common in western VNs. There are also multiple factions that could be recruited, each doing things their own way.

As for the art style, there are two artists. One does the CGs and the other does the sprites. As a result of that, you will notice that characters look a little different in their CGs than they do in their sprites. While I personally prefer the work of the sprite artist, both artists are good, and one does get used to it after a bit. Also, all the sprites are animated in a nice way.

The story is compelling, and the enjoyable music sprinkled throughout the game strengthens its impact as well.

There is only one notably negative thing, which is that the game frequently crashes, especially when are fast forwarding through the scenes that you have already seen. Hopefully that issue gets resolved soon.

Overall, I recommend it to anyone who likes to have tons of choices in his games :).