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Review of Suzukuri Karin-chan

SubjectSuzukuri Karin-chan
Suzukuri Karin-chan ENG Patch
ByVote: 9tbhoang12 on 2021-02-22 last updated on 2021-02-23
ReviewThis game is a Shin Koihime Musou sequel/ spin off - with tower defense gameplay like Arknight .A Normal fan-disc game at the first glance yet very addicting (because you still playing as Kazuto and meets Koihime series characters in an "isekai world" - alternative world with Europa fantasy middle-age setting.)

-Story : you should play Koihime or Shin Koihime Musou in order to enjoy the game .It has a lot of references to Koihime series .You play as MC Kazuto of Koihime in an alternative world (kind of like isekai lol), helping Demon King Karin and being misunderstood by people as "bad guy" , but in reality you are "good guy helping girls in-trouble >> save the world from evil humans lol". Kind of like Shield Hero/ Redo of Healer anime . If you love these isekai manga/anime story then even if you were not a Koihime fan >> you will enjoy Suzukuri Karin-chan ,but don't expect block buster movie kind of plot-twist here .

-Gameplay : tower defense ( or should I say maze-defense to be correct lol^^) like Arknight .You have to prevent those evil humans/adventurers breakthrough your maze and steals treasure .Planning your trap placement + Leaders + Upgrade units/ maze/ your Compass skill to prevent enemies reaching your Treasure Room (if you let your enemies steals too many gold/treasures >> you will lost money >> Bad End awaits and you can't have max gold to Upgrade your shits .

SP (Special Power) timing is important because each character had unique SP Skill and using it wisely (like Arknight) can change the tide of battle .You can't spam it either due to SP limit/Mana Consumption of each character (example : Karin has SP Skill cost 90 mana that can push all enemies back to the maze entrance. Very powerful but it takes long time to charge enough mana to use it ).You can upgrade Compass/ Limit break characters later on ,but still a well balance gameplay feature-you have to use your brain to achieves SSS rank battle result ^^

Enemy's Level will increases with Maze level , so battles will becomes more difficult. Also the spawn /movement of enemies are randomized each time you play >> leading to an un-predictable and exciting gameplay ,but not too hard. You can replays the game many times to try different tactics/squad formation >> Again sasuga Softhouse Chara very good o/ !

-H Scenes : good and relevant with main story/ lots of Fan Service for Koihime fans o/ . For example 1 Fu's H Scene is relating to saving Kazuto. At least the writer has tried to adds "purpose" to H-Scenes. 8/10 and Fu is my wife ^^

-Performance /Bugs : game runs greats on my Window 7 (don't know about Win10,guess it's going to be OK too ). But I thinks due to financial problems/bankruptcy during Covid19 in Japan ,dev team have to rush their game development >> leading to lots of typos/bugs (though not too serious to the point of crash/gameplay-breaking so it's acceptable ).I already fixed these bugs and added many UI/Fonts improvements (does not exist in JP ver and RUS patch) in my English patch link

Suzukuri Karin-chan is an underrated eroge,like many previous games from a small gameplay-eroge/visual novel company Softhouse Chara. With simple design yet very good gameplay ,telling a refreshing alternative story about Koihime characters (both anime and visual novel) >> 8/10 great game despite rushed development/bugs and hardship Softhouse Chara had once again proved their talent- for the last time.Press F pay respect RIP (I blame Covid19 again !)

Oh wait ... There is an old saying "Fan TLtors Revolution will never die, because like Softhouse Chara went bankrupted and were re-acquired by a new publisher, now they are developing Suzukuri Karin-chan 2 o/" .So let's celebrates and re-joice my FanTL Revolutionist (^..^) .I'm looking forward to the sequel o/
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