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Review of Robotics;Notes

ByVote: 7.6onorub on 2021-02-24
ReviewFirst and foremost, going through Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head before this is highly recommended, because this VN is filled to the brim with references to the other two. This is a lot more focused in slice-of-life than other SciADV VNs, so keep that in mind. With that being said, the slice-of-life was actually my favorite part of the VN. Seeing Akiho's struggles with the Robotic Club was sorta endearing and it ended up being more interesting than the crazy conspiracy climax towards the end, with the main villain being pretty much discount Psycho Mantis.

One thing that might get in the way of your enjoyment is the protagonist, because i found him too obnoxious. He gets better by Phase 8, but i don't know if many people are gonna want to put up with him for about half the game. Also, this has gotta have the weirdest route system i've ever seen, with all the routes being canon and just happening at different places in time. If you're gonna make it like this, just have the twippo interactivity unlock secret scenes and add more significant bad ends instead, because this route system was just weird (and this is coming from someone that loves having different branches).

Overall, this is a pretty fun VN with nice slice-of-life with the struggles of the Robotic Club and an alright conspiracy plot, just don't expect the craziness of Steins;Gate or Chaos;Child. Good, almost great VN.