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Review of Senren * Banka

SubjectSenren * Banka
ByVote: 4forever-here on 2021-02-24
ReviewI might drop this game for good.

maybe I got spoiled by some games that give much better content to length ratio when it comes to games. not just VNs, but even jrpg and such. the entirety of common route is just generic fighting scenes, generic heroine choice scenes or affection scenes, etc and when common route ended I just want to leave that rural place. the things you could do in such a place is so limited the entire thing very much loses its luster quickly.

aside from that, there are a few bones that I could pick with common route's plot devices. this "curse" has been happening for so many generations and somehow MC gets to solve it all? even using transfer heroine as a requirement to break said curse. so what if Lena never went to Japan eh? that'll suck big time. maybe the heroine routes would flesh this out even further but eh, the plot convenience is too much.

I'm gonna put this on hold. and by on hold I'd probably never touch it again after months and then ultimately deciding to uninstall it. maybe once I get the mood for it. highly doubt it though.


#1 by siotechua
2021-02-25 at 04:10
< report >Lol that's only a typical cliche when an MC transfers somewhere and solves everything that happened in that particular place. It's just a common story thing in manga's and animes
#2 by cameron997456
2021-02-27 at 09:03
< report >Honestly you hating the common route which is just any normal anime is a bit funny to me since I am surprised you don't hate MANY MORE VN's....since most fighting revolve around the main character is either OP or fixes everything. Was the common route perfect, no, but at the same time was it much better than a lot of VN's yes.