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Review of Chocolat ~Maid Cafe "Curio"~

SubjectChocolat ~Maid Cafe "Curio"~
ByVote: 5.8onorub on 2021-02-27
ReviewStarted Chocolat just to get a feel for the maid cafe setting before eventually doing Parfait, and it wasn't that great unsurprisingly. Very little happens in the story and when it does happen it's fairly cliche. The most interesting route was by far Midori's, specially with the reveal in her After Story. That being said, the slice-of-life scenes were harmless fun, so that might be interesting if you're really into popcorn anime comedy. Overall, i'd only recommend this if you want a perfectly vanilla take on the maid cafe setting in preparation for Parfait. Almost decent VN.

Ranking down girls: Midori>Mako>Sayaka>Suzu>Kanako>Misato>Chiroru.