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Review of Senkou no Clarias

SubjectSenkou no Clarias
Senkou no Clarias - Package Edition
ByVote: 4onetrueemiya on 2021-02-28
ReviewNiijima and GIGA's taking the piss. Let's get system problems out the way first. No NG+ (pre-March patch). No true route. No chart. No battle skip option post-completion. "Routes" are just 2 H-scenes, a few SoL stuffs and an epilogue.

Still with me? Let's talk story. Isekai gang fights maou. Nothing more. Tons of what seemed to be foreshadowing and unresolved plot points completely ignored, including but not limited to the Reindstadt cat thing, Towa's backstory and fighting ability, Hirose, Noiman, the Egg's true power and the isekai world's relationship with the original world. All of the above are touched upon but completely ignored and rendered irrelevant.

Heroines are dry. Villains are terrible. Final boss made me sigh.

This isn't worth 1k yen let alone 10k. Please don't buy this.


#1 by uselessguy
2021-02-28 at 07:36
< report >Ouch. As an isekai fag, I was looking really forward to this one.
But if so many plot points are ignored, might as well skip this one until they announce a sequel or something.
#2 by onetrueemiya
2021-02-28 at 12:04
< report >#1 Was looking forward to this too, since I was so confident it'd be kind of hard to fuck up isekai. Hell, if they just didn't try and explain anything it'd probably be less frustrating. But there's so many plot points that are just raised and then completely forgotten in the ending it feels like they pushed out half the whole game. The biggest one has to be (major spoilers) the reveal that Noiman has lived since forever, was behind all the madness, KNOWS TOWA from the past (thus also implying the isekai world isn't actually isekai but rather the far future), but then...has him have an offscreen showdown with Lancelot and then he doesn't appear for the rest of the game. I was thinking there was a true route or something that'd be twice the length of the others (kind of like IM Verita, or Rewrite) and I completely missed it, but nothing and no one online has pointed to such a thing at all. When I went into the CG files nothing I saw pointed to that either.

Anyway, that was a total waste of time. I recommend playing on Easy or something. I beat the game on VH, beat all optional battles and hurt my thumb from spamming buttons to deplete stupidly bloated life bars, but there was zero reward for doing so (especially since no NG+). Hopefully the patch changes this.

Still though, gameplay was challenging on VH, and the Tachibana/Towa combo was addicting to play, until my fingers started to really sting.

Edit: fixed spelling and grammar in review, was clearly not in the right state of mind yesterday upon completionLast modified on 2021-02-28 at 12:24
#3 by vegezzz
2021-02-28 at 13:55
< report >Thanks for heads up.

I won't be touching this if there is not Ng+... Such a disappointment.
God dammit and that was the only thing I was looking for. Mediocre Giga story but with glorious "Mecha" combat with NG+ ;_;

Giga why?Last modified on 2021-02-28 at 13:57
#4 by llee1000
2021-02-28 at 14:57
< report >Nijima is washed up confirmed.
#5 by onetrueemiya
2021-02-28 at 15:02
< report >#3 In all fairness they did confirm the NG+ patch coming out on 5 March...but holy shit why release a full-price game unfinished like this. Who even patches NG+ as an option into a game like this one week into release and marketing it like it's some amazing mode? Also where did the arena mode from trial ver go...?

And yeah, this isn't really deep or skilful gameplay. Learn to time and abuse Tachibana's 一閃 or not!Luna-sama's combo thrusts, and the rest is just mashing that light attack button with occasional heavies, hissatsu and chara change to prolong break. Camus was a good idea on paper with a ranged moveset, but her dps is so garbage I'd rather just get in their faces and smash. And the mechs all move so goddamn slowly. I miss Sky/Heart's system so much.Last modified on 2021-02-28 at 15:12
#6 by ithoo
2021-02-28 at 17:18
< report >
Towa's backstory and fighting ability
Can this be considered relevant?
As far as I can read, it is explicitly mentioned that Towa has trained in Aikido, and that when forming a contract, the armour (クラリアス) takes the form of the wearer's "ideal" (the rest of the cast question why he doesn't use weapons, and that's a no-brainer considering he's from Japan).
As for Hirose, I think her existence is used as a rather subtle device to give Towa a link with his original world; is it necessary to go deeper into it? I don't think so, since so far the theme has been approached in a, I reiterate, rather subtle way (for example, through the night conversations with a certain female character).
So far I agree to a certain degree with your assessments tho (regarding the narrative deepening or the infamous and disposable "villains"); I'll have to see how it ends.
#7 by sola520
2021-03-01 at 02:11
< report >Gameplay is kinda short (~ 13 hours) and was annoyed by no skip battle, which could've reduced gameplay even more. Overall underwhelming but was enjoying a bit. All of the routes were combined in one, with few different scenes for each route. Didn't leave me the feeling I had for heart. Lots of plot were introduced but not further developed (Towa and his egg, Hirose, etc). The existence of Hirose made me think she has more plot to develop but in reality just a typical sister whom experienced unfortunate events . The battles were very impactful and I liked it. For easier battle just abuse Yakumo X and possibly Ruu. If I have to say, I really liked Ruu, others were plain to me. Also I kinda liked Chris
and she had so much potential to be one of the heroine but she dropped out like all of the sudden with no more plot whatsoever.
Last modified on 2021-03-01 at 03:08
#8 by undying12
2021-03-01 at 06:20
< report >finished one route (ru) in just two days, is there any reason to do a second playthrough? It feels like there is only one big main story, the only difference being some personal events/H scenes. I don't suppose there is a hidden route that can explain all the unanswered questions? Also, there isn't even an arena mode which was in the trial version...
#9 by onetrueemiya
2021-03-01 at 17:42
< report >#6 My problem with Hirose is that she shows up as half a sprite in the end, and Towa hinted that she's much smarter than him (though that's not exactly hard). I expected her to play a far bigger role in the story, not just as a walking motivational factor for him to go back home. As for Towa's fighting skill and general Clarias prowess, it's been said multiple times to be abnormally good and I just can't see aikido as the sole reason for it. Also we still don't know why he was chosen by the egg, and why it instantly bonded to him. The only other example of this was Tachibana with her brother's Clarias, so could that mean Hirose is...? But nothing was really explained well in my opinion.

#7 Chris just outright vanishing from the story was beyond hilarious. It's like they completely forgot about her past the bridge arc.

#8 No true or hidden route, not that I know of. I'm waiting on the NG+ patch to maybe do a second playthrough.Last modified on 2021-03-01 at 17:44
#10 by ithoo
2021-03-01 at 18:35
< report >#9 Did you read all the history in the books? I got as far as the part where they question what the "true origin" of the dragon is (I don't know if it continues after that, as I had prioritised Flare's events during the night), so there's a chance there's some additional information in there).
Towa's ability I suppose can be explained by the conversation he has with Lancelot, in which he explains that after Hirose's accident he had decided to become strong and not lose to anyone for the sole purpose of protecting her (I guess the conviction behind that oath is what drives him to give his all after the initial promise to Shelly).
What bothered me the most about Hirose at the end was that after hearing Towa's whole story she responded with: "For some reason I feel nostalgic" (They're practically giving you to understand that she also has some sort of relationship with the other world, and her extremely high magical affinity confirms it even more)
I feel like these are more hints of an expansion or sequel than plot holes (Kind of similar to what happened with Rance Quest: Magnum).
#11 by lethal
2021-03-01 at 21:09
< report >Spot on. I was flabbergasted at how barebones the story of this game was. I was okay with it until chapter 5, where I started to have doubts about the ability of this writer to convey action properly, with the way Lidya just appears in front of the characters in the middle of a park, challenges them to fite her and they do so instantly with zero buildup or anything.

Then chapter 7 came along and you have the pathetic way the backstory for Leon was done (this one actually made me burst in laughter at how amateurish it was, I've seen better executed backstories in awful short stories written for my English class) After that I lost all interest in the characters and story, but the way chapter 8 and 9 were executed was also hilarious and bad.

Very disappointing, I hope this company never hires Niijima again.
#12 by ernovace
2021-03-02 at 07:06
< report >Don't know why I was hyped for this release. So disappointing.
It was still decent till chapter 4.

I should be more wary of last minute delays.
#13 by jiharo
2021-03-05 at 17:15
< report >I hope Niijima up the standard. This was disappointing af.

With 2 titles flopping this hard, I can't fathom what will happen to Sakura no Toki.

The character "routes" should have at least span across a few chapters right in the middle if they want to do it instead of just some scrapes of it and an epilogue.

Not showing Hirose's face is also a CRIME.

Everything seems like aikome over again: not enough time to flesh things out properly.

Such a pity.