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Review of Oshi no Love yori Koi no Love

SubjectOshi no Love yori Koi no Love
OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos
ByVote: 7iriyap on 2021-02-28
ReviewOshiRabu is a very short yuri-themed visual novel. It's only about 5 hours long if you listen to voices in full, and 2-3 hours if you speed read it.

I say yuri-themed (and the game has been marketed as such) but that's not exactly true. The protagonist (Akuru) is a 26 year old shotacon fujoshi (obsessing over a samurai boy shounen anime protagonist, her "husbando"), she meets a high school lesbian girl (Ren) who falls in love with her at first sight, after much protesting Akuru eventually gets attached to Ren and they become a couple at the very end of the story. This age difference is a bit creepy, and there are scenes of Akuru engaging in stalker like behaviour and being detained by Ren's teachers when trying to look for her at the school. Although, Ren's mother eventually gives them her blessing, so all's well, I guess?

The main reason I decided to read this is the stunning artwork and very good voice acting, almost everything is voiced including a good deal of characters' inner monologue. Although there are only 4 characters with sprites (Akuru, Ren, Akuru's fellow fujoshi friend and Ren's mom), and they all have only 1 pose, but the 2 protagonists get an extra clothing variation. There are 18 standard CG's and 6 H-scene CG's. But given the very short length of the novel it's fine.

Now, what's really bad is the localization. It gets the meaning across, but there are many, many typos and errors in English script, including a few instances of text being cut off and some text boxes for side characters having wrong names (e.g. there's a scene where it looks like a character is talking to herself which is not the case). Moreover, the localization has been punched up with gen-z slang such as AF, THOT, sus, obvs, wowzers, I'mma, jelly, whatevs, stanning (actually had to look up this one) etc. While Ren does indeed talk a bit like a gyaru, she doesn't use any weird slang in JP (unless you think overuse of "meccha" and "shi" is slang), only acts coquettish. The otaku term "oshi" has been translated as "husbando" which is... fair, I guess. Unlike Akuru, Ren's age is never stated anywhere (but you can assume her to be 15-17), and the localization does a half-hearted attempt to age her up, e.g. high school -> college, teachers -> professors, guardian -> roommate, as well as dropping 'adult' when Ren refers to Akuru.

There are no H-scenes in the actual main story route, they're included as an afterstory with a separate option in the main menu. I assume this was done to have an easily available all-ages version for iOS, Android and Steam. The game also has 3 choices which seem to result in 3 different ending routes (just roommates, confession, confession + patching things up with mom), just pick the top choices for the true ending.