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Review of Buddy Mission BOND

SubjectBuddy Mission BOND
ByVote: 9yukinaime on 2021-03-26
ReviewReally glad that I played it. The 3D gameplay parts are a bit weak but there few of them, and the whole plot really feels well put together. While there a lot of stories about the how important companionship is, there few that put a actual work in making the releationship between the characters having this weight in the resolution. Luke/Aaron and Mokuma/Chesley are the main pairs and their stories together are amazingly touching, but all BOND members have interesting interactions between them. Sure, a very memorable cast where every member feels important. Strong recommendation if you aren't used to read complex japanese text, the thing feels more like a manga than a VN, so the text is not that hard, and the pacing is also more dynamic than most of the VNs.