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Review of Muv-Luv Alternative

SubjectMuv-Luv Alternative
Muv-Luv Alternative - NA Download Edition
ByVote: 7dillpicklely on 2021-04-06
ReviewThe number of tropes in this game is infinite and insanity. Some of them are done for the sake of melodrama and shock value. The trademark of the game is its expositions, which do break the rule of show don't tell. Here are some of the red flags you have to look out for. Entering spoiler territory-

Do not defend the tentacle rape scene, which in itself is completely unnecessary. Seeing her beloved Takeru getting crushed and eaten alive is more than enough reason for Sumika to detest the Beta wholeheartedly. What happens after is even worse, because, right after the flashback, Sumika has sex with Takeru. I'd imagine that anyone who just experienced rape wouldn't want to have sex for a long time, let alone immediately right afterward. It's distasteful to use rape for shock value.

I didn't understand the ending, both literally and metaphorically. From what I pieced together, Sumika is an incredibly OP plot device and her powers are justified because of her desire to be with Takeru. She has the ability to reverse the flow of time and try again in hopes that Takeru would found and pick her as his love interest. She was actually the causality conductor which was haphazardly explained through Kasumi's end speech. So, Takeru doesn't want to but he is forced to go back to his original homeworld because the cause has been destroyed so the effects would inadvertently disappear? My question is what the hell happened in the epilogue? Why did Kasumi start to cry? Why is Kasumi and the rest of the cast in MLA, who wasn't in MLE there as Takeru's classmates? It was never explained. But my biggest issue with the game is that it betrayed its own theme of finding your resolve. Takeru finally found his resolve at the end to carry the memories of his fallen comrades and fight, despite the pain and sorrow that burden entails. But nope, the game did a cop-out. Takeru forgets everything and gets to live a happier life in his original word, which questions the importance of the deaths of his friends and whether finding his resolve at the end really amounted to anything. It was meant to be a bitter-sweet conclusion, but it felt so empty.

The game is just not that great. I only liked it in my first walkthrough because it's my first visual novel (counting Muv-Luv and Alternative as one). There are more things I can complain about like especially the expositions - extremely unbearable, and like the production is nowhere near anime, maybe it can rival ex-arm? They are just moving sprites after all. I don't rank H scenes, but I will tell you that they added nothing to the story and they are there purely done for fan service. What's also there for fan service are the suits, and don't try to impose it's purposely designed for conformity. I mean do I honestly hate the game that much? I'll always give the game a higher score than the game deserves because it's my first and it's also so unapologetically long that you're bound to somewhat be emotionally attached to these characters. For what is worth, there are some pretty decent speeches, but there are also a lot of repetition and filler ones. It masterfully baited me into the visual novel genre but never once is there a moment in the game that made me feel "awwwweeeeeeeeeee" --- which is coincidently the sound effect I make when I masturbate.


#1 by leulight
2021-04-07 at 12:20
< report >I understand the distaste one can feel for the Sumika's Rape scene and I agree. Though, I think it's fixed in the censored version, there it doesn't feel fetishized.
Also no, Sumika got over her trauma from BETA because of Takeru, she was using the flashback as a way to drive him away, to show him that she is tainted, so that she doesn't cause him more pain. This was a great moment for Takeru's development as he accepts all of her, her bad and good parts. It's important in relationships.

"I'd imagine that anyone who just experienced rape wouldn't want to have sex for a long time, let alone immediately right afterward." This is true, if you are still haunted by your trauma, but that wasn't the case for Sumika.

The ending is very complicated and I myself had to re-read it several times to understand it.
Sumika is NOT a casualty conductor, Takeru is. Muv-Luv has already established that Your existence and casualty can be controlled by human will. Sumika's strong will combined with the explosion in G-bombs caused a distortion in space and time which led to Takeru's loop.

After realising that Sumika caused Takeru and everyone else so much pain because of her selfish desire to be with Takeru because of which Takeru couldn't choose his love life of his own will and the other girls who loved him couldn't have a life with him, she sacrifices herself and her selfish will for others to make it up to them, which leads to the end of what was causing the loop in the first place, because of which all the timelines affected by the loops were reconstructed.

Takeru forgetting everything doesn't contradict anything, he found a resolve and used it to achieve his goal. Muv-Luv's message was never something as narrow as "finding your resolve". If Takeru remembered everything, he would never get over Sumika, and would forever be tainted by Sumika's selfishness.

That's why Sumika "saves him in the name of true love." If she loves him, she wants Takeru to be happy, and Takeru should have the right to choose his own happiness. The Girls should as well. Which won't be possible with the memories.

The ending is thematically perfect.

As for the infodumps, I actually enjoyed everyone of them because they are presented well, but I can understand someone who doesn't care about worldbuilding to find it a chore.

"like the production is nowhere near anime" LMFAOO did you seriously try out his medium to have Anime level production? You are going to be seriously disappointed. Because most VNs have worse production than Muv-Luv.

Honestly it feels like all these complaints are copy pasted from that one review I saw on youtube.(and the review sucked)Last modified on 2021-04-07 at 12:31
#2 by omikron
2021-04-07 at 13:35
< report >Hello everyone!

I, uhm, I am very curious about and interested in both Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative (part 2, if I'm not mistaken?)
After reading this reply to the review the part about rape got me worried. Then I looked up the character traits having "spoil me" active, same goes for sexual content.
So, I want to ask you guys to give me a heads up what this "rape"-thing is supposed to be and very this leads to. Also, tentacle rape...? Which leads me to another question:
"Low sexual content" - only very few h-scenes per heroine and on top of that exisiting ones include such themes?
I hope you can clear that up for me before I purchase both parts...
I kinda make a loooong way around VNs involving such things...

Thanks in advance!Last modified on 2021-04-07 at 13:36
#3 by funnerific
2021-04-07 at 14:15
< report >#2 there are three parts: Extra, Unlimited, and Alternative. Extra and Unlimited have heroine routes with H, whereas Alternative doesn't really have routes and there are two H-scenes in the whole game IIRC, with the same girl. You're not playing Muv-Luv games for the H or romance either way, because there's very little of either.
#4 by leulight
2021-04-07 at 14:24
< report >#2 Just get the Censored Version for MLA. It's much better handled there in my opinion.
#5 by omikron
2021-04-08 at 08:10
< report >Thank you for your replies.
Still, I'd really like to know a bit more about those things. Would anyone provide me with a bit more insight?