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Review of Kira☆Kira

ByVote: 8.6onorub on 2021-04-06
ReviewWhen it comes to this VN, a lot of people claim the greatest thing about it is Kirara's normal route because it's something that pulls no punches whatsoever. However, i feel that this kinda diminishes the other qualities that the VN has. For one, it has some of the best road travel segments i've seen on the genre, with a great sense of adventure that fits the story of those characters dipping their feet into the Punk Rock world. I've seen criticisms that the theme of the VN could've been anything that required teamwork and it would go mostly the same, but i feel that the way every route gives the message of not bottling up your feelings and be willing to scream your frustations at the world is something that really fits the Punk Rock feeling of it. Overall, the great sense of adventure along with the chill yet mature atmosphere and character work makes this VN a near-classic for me.

Ranking down girls: Chie>Kirari>Sarina.

Ranking down routes: Kirari (both branches are pretty mature in their own way)>Chie (pretty interesting conflict)>Sarina (cliche yet fun conflict).