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Review of Air

Air - Standard Edition
ByVote: 9geralt on 2021-04-06
ReviewOne of my favorite Visual Novel and a step up from Kanon.
It's refreshing to have a main character not visiting the school for once in a Slice of Life style.
I liked the Main Route the most, and I probably only read the other routes in order to unlock the next part of the main story. The other Stories were good, but I didn't enjoy the girls itself as much.
I always start vn's without the help of guides so I needed some tries in order not to get "game over", it was a bit annoying but funny.
I am a big fan of the art style actually.
I really liked the "time travel" part, I knew nothing about Air so I was actually very surprised when it happend, it almost felt like another Game, but it connects great to the main Story
The ending was a bit confusing still.