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Review of Go-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ~Natsu no Omoide mo Go-toubun~

SubjectGo-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ~Natsu no Omoide mo Go-toubun~
Go-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ~Natsu no Omoide mo Go-toubun~ Download Edition
ByVote: 6.4mutsuki on 2021-04-06
ReviewYikes the gameplay in this game. It's a raising game with survival elements... but the both are made so easy by the choices they've made, and there's no difficulty settings to change it to the point that you're not button mashing through it with minimal attention to any of the stats. Why did they make it so one subject's score goes down when you study another... but it doesn't change at all if you're not studying at all? Why are there sustainable good food selection choices which only use 2 of the collectable resources, saving you the effort of collecting the other 3? Why is Fuutarou support so busted and guarantees a success? Why in general is the success rate so low at the start of the game and so high at the end? The whole raising game element of this game is a complete waste of time...


#1 by mutsuki
2021-04-07 at 01:47
< report >Ignoring all the gameplay and the conversations in gameplay because of story events and successful Fuutarou assists, the routes are also really short. I only actually measured one heroine route and it was 2.5 hours. Raiha's route was much shorter than the quintuplets' routes and the 'everyone' route was probably also about 2.5 hours.

The 7,700 yen price tag is not justified at all for what you're getting in terms of amount and gameplay at the very least.