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Review of CITY no.109 Arisu Hen

SubjectCITY no.109 Arisu Hen
CITY no.109 Arisu Hen Jo
ByVote: 10kamiosu on 2021-04-07 last updated on 2021-04-08
ReviewI just want to start by saying the art is immaculate , 10/10.
Next, Arisu is a character I have been searching for my entire life. I have finally found the one.
The story is just so cute
After playing this my life is complete.
Arisu will be my wife.


#1 by beliar
2021-04-07 at 19:38
< report >
Freudian slip?... *cough*immaculate*cough* :-D
#2 by kamiosu
2021-04-08 at 00:12
< report >Autocorrect
#3 by thereservoir
2021-04-08 at 03:36
< report >Didn't we decide these weren't VNs at some point?
#4 by substanceof
2021-04-08 at 04:26
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Didn't we decide these weren't VNs at some point?

What, Quartett! too then? xDLast modified on 2021-04-08 at 04:26